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Man sues after surgeries result in disfigurement

New Jersey residents may be interested in a bizarre case in which a 35-year-old man has sued his surgeon for malpractice, claiming that his nose has become completely deformed after 24 surgeries in seven years. He was initially supposed to have had only one surgery for a minor adjustment to his nostrils; however, he had a second procedure by the same surgeon in an attempt to correct a minor breathing problem. The subsequent surgeries were an attempt to correct further complications, and most of them were performed by the same surgeon.

The man is suing for medical malpractice in excess of $75,000 and says that the surgeon left him with no nose to speak of as well as constant pain. The man's attorney claims that the surgeon who did the work should have referred his patient to another doctor who had the ability to rectify the problem rather than try to fix the issue on his own. It appears as if the man's doctor was a board certified cosmetic surgeon; however, because complications occurred, the case may have had a better outcome had he referred him to a surgeon who may have been more educated in correcting his patient's worsened medical condition.

The man reported that the cosmetic surgeon took to supplying him with an excess amount of painkillers such as oxycodone even though he admitted that he had been considering suicide. Ultimately, the surgeon allegedly gave his patient a note saying that he was not welcome in his office anymore.

A skilled personal injury attorney who has experience in medical malpractice cases may be able to help individuals who have experienced serious complications as the result of a botched procedure. Attorneys may ground such cases on the claim that a medical practitioner acted inappropriately during a procedure or by performing a procedure in the first place in order to potentially recover compensation for their clients.

Source: ABC news, "Nose job nightmare: man sues after 24 surgeries", Kate Moisse, June 13, 2013

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