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Rushed doctor's decisions may have led to patient's death

New Jersey surgical patients may be interested in the settlement of a recent wrongful death lawsuit against a surgeon and his employer, Georgia Surgical Associates, PC. On July 14, 2010, a 67-year-old woman went into St. Joseph's Hospital in Atlanta for a non-invasive laparoscopic cholecystectomy. The surgeon made some unusual decisions during the procedure and the woman ultimately died in ICU shortly after the surgery. The woman's adult children filed a medical malpractice and wrongful death suit and settled with the defendants for over $1 million during jury deliberations.

Man charged in New Jersey hit and run fatality

New Jersey police apprehended a man and charged him with killing a pedestrian in a hit-and-run accident. According to authorities, the man's car jumped the curb and hit the pedestrian. When he attempted to flee, he struck several cars before police caught him. Police reported that the driver had a blood-alcohol level of .13 percent, which is higher that the legal limit of .08 percent.

Parents sue over child's sex reassignment surgery

Several hospitals in New Jersey are capable of performing sex assignment surgery. However, this surgery is elective and can include risks for the patient. Adoptive parents of a child who was given sex-assignment surgery are suing a hospital and the state of South Carolina, where the surgery was performed, for medical malpractice. They are claiming that the child's legal guardian, the Department of Social Services, was not informed of the consequences and risks of the operation.

NTSB recommends lower BAC threshold

All 50 states, including New Jersey, have received a recommendation from the National Transportation Safety Board to lower the legal blood alcohol limit for drunk driving from .08 to .05. This measure is intended to reduce fatal car accidents from drunk driving although NTSB has no power to enforce the recommendation. It will be up to the states to make their own decisions regarding blood alcohol limits.

Car crashes into transit bus in New Jersey

Police officers report that a car made an illegal turn in Camden, New Jersey, crashing into a Route 400 transit bus. The car was left completely totaled, and the driver of the car was injured and taken to a hospital, but his injuries are reportedly not serious. One of the passengers on the bus was also treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

NHTSA urges New Jersey, other states to ban phones for drivers

A recent study effort by the National Safety Council reveals that underreporting of cellphone-related automobile wrecks that occur in New Jersey and across the country significantly skews data. The reviewers looked at data from almost 200 crashes that occurred between 2009 and 2011 and seemed to have strong evidence of cellphone usage. In none of these years did the number of traffic reports that mentioned cellphone use exceed 50 percent of the total.

Nun causes serious Newark pedestrian crash

A nun who lost control of her car hit two pedestrians in Essex County near Saint Lucy's Church and caused serious injury. The pedestrian accidents took place on 7th Avenue outside the church building just after a confirmation ceremony when about 700 people were inside the building. The nun ran over two women and caused panic among hundreds inside the church who thought a bomb had exploded.

Wal-Mart sues Unarco after shopping cart injury

A New Jersey woman reportedly suffered an ankle injury after tripping over a broken shopping cart on August 14, 2010. The woman filed suit against Wal-Mart, where the incident ensued, who then took the case against the shopping cart manufacturer, Unarco.The woman alleges that the shopping cart injury occurred when she lost footing and tripped due to a loose piece of metal or wire in the parking lot. The pedestrian accident resulted in a torn ligament and inflammation in her ankle. Unarco, the largest manufacturer of shopping carts, was sued by Wal-Mart after the woman brought legal charges against the store.

New Jersey man cleared of all charges in 2008 fatal boat accident

A Brick resident was acquitted of all charges on April 23 pertaining to a 2008 accident on the Metedeconk River. The boat crash seriously injured four people on a separate vehicle and resulted in the death of the pilot, a 49-year old man from Essex Falls. The fatal crash occurred when the accused man's 27-foot Imperial speedboat ran into the opposing 17-foot boat. The man fled the scene and through his attorney communicated with authorities 10 hours later. He claimed that he believed he had struck a buoy or a log instead of a vehicle. The man was cleared of his wrongful death charges of assault by vessel and vehicular homicide after a three week trial.

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