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Atco man airlifted to hospital after car-motorcycle wreck

A collision between a motorcycle and a 1991 Plymouth passenger vehicle on New Jersey's Route 42 on the evening of April 8 resulted in the 22-year-old motorcycle operator being airlifted to an area hospital with multiple open compound fractures. According to police, the motorcycle-car accident occurred when the man on the motorcycle, an Atco resident, was on the stretch of the highway known as Black Horse Pike and collided with the Plymouth that had entered the left turn lane at Georgia Avenue.The force of impact reportedly sent the motorcyclist sliding nearly 70 feet before coming to a stop in front of a business in the 1900 block of the highway, and the Plymouth came to rest over 45 feet from the initial impact site. The 73-year-old from Williamstown who was driving the passenger vehicle declined medical care but reported arm pain due to the airbag, according to authorities, while a juvenile in the vehicle reported head pain.

New Jersey insurance laws limit lawsuits

Many New Jersey drivers who sign insurance policies agree to other stipulations in the process. Insurance policies often restrict the lawsuits that policyholders can initiate, for instance, and these lawsuit limits may appeal to drivers because they often come with lower premiums.Lawsuit limitations generally forbid drivers from suing for accident damages unless their collisions fall into a certain category. These include car accidents that cause death, major scarring, significant disfigurement, miscarriage, displaced bone fractures and dismemberment. They also apply to accidents that lead to permanent injuries requiring further treatment to heal and have been verified by medical diagnostics. Lawsuit limitation clauses are completely legal; they were codified by the New Jersey State Legislature in an attempt to reduce the amount of lawsuits over injuries that weren't serious or permanent.

Jackson matriarch sues concert promotion company for $40 billion

New Jersey residents who follow celebrity news may have heard about the latest trial to arise from late pop star Michael Jackson's 2009 death. In a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the pop star's 82-year-old mother seeking $40 billion in potential lost lifetime earnings that the singer would have allegedly made over the remainder of his life, the concert promotion company that oversaw his final tour is implicated in his death. The doctor who infamously administered a fatal dose of a sedative to Jackson in June 2009 has already been tried for involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to four years in prison; now, the promotion company, AEG Live, has also been accused of playing an active role in the singer's demise. Katherine Jackson alleges that the company knowingly put the troubled singer, who had a history of drug abuse problems, at risk and negligently hired the doctor to care for him during his global comeback tour. 

Dentist faces possible medical malpractice charges

New Jersey residents may be interested in a malpractice case that is raising concerns throughout the nation. A dentist in Oklahoma is under investigation for possibly infecting patients with hepatitis or HIV after treating them with allegedly unclean equipment. The potential case of medical malpractice has thousands of people being tested. The Oklahoma Board of Dentistry has been talking with prosecutors regarding possible criminal charges against the dentist for allegedly unsanitary conditions and procedures at the dentist's two Tulsa-area offices. The Oklahoma Board of Dentistry filed a 17-count complaint in March that called the dentist a "menace to public health." 

New Jersey driver causes multiple car crashes

According to police in Watchung, New Jersey, a Staten Island man caused a multicar collision on Route 22. The man was driving on the wrong side of the road, and the car accidents involved three different vehicles. Police were called on March 23 at around 1:53 p.m. to investigate the collisions that occurred near the Blue Star Shopping Center. The accidents are believed to have been caused because the man was on the wrong side of the westbound lane. Three of the people involved in the accidents were taken to the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey, but according to the hospital, they have all been released. Neither the man who allegedly caused the accidents nor his passengers suffered injuries.

Low-cost device may help prevent birth injuries

A new device has been developed that could help New Jersey doctors protect the brains of newborn infants who have been deprived oxygen. This device is only $40, and it offers a significant savings over the $12,000 unit that is utilized in many hospitals. By using this device, it may be possible to avert birth injuries like cerebral palsy or other brain disorders that can occur when a baby is starved for oxygen. Based on observations made by the chief medical officer from Kennedy Krieger Institute of Egyptian doctors using various methods to keep a newborn baby's brain cool and protected, a group of undergraduate students sought to find a method of doing the same thing but in a more effective manner. The device they came up with was made with simple and low-cost items; all that's needed to active it is a little bit of water.

Stow Creek pickup driver kills lone pedestrian

According to a statement made by a New Jersey State Police official, a man who was traveling the road on foot one night in March was hit by a passing motorist. The struck pedestrian was walking along an unspecified Cumberland County road in Stow Creek Township when the pickup truck hit him while traveling along the same stretch. Although the driver of the pickup truck was uninjured in the incident, the individual he collided with died. The victim of this incident has not been publicly identified, and according to police, the driver who hit him remained in the area until the police arrived. According to KYW-TV, this is the second in a pair of pedestrian accidents that have occurred in the county recently. The previous day, a New Jersey Transit bus ran over a 54-year-old female pedestrian in Bridgeton.

Charges pending NTSB report of New Jersey fatal accident

Prosecutors in Burlington County, New Jersey, are awaiting the final National Transportation Safety Board analysis on a school bus wreck before considering criminal charges. The scene of the accident was the intersection of Old York Road and Bordentown-Chesterfield Road in Chesterfield. One sixth-grade student was fatally injured in the wreck, and 16 others on the bus suffered injuries when a dump truck struck the bus. National Transportation Safety Board reports have so far found that the Mack truck was hauling asphalt at 5 percent over acceptable weight limits. The truck hit the rear left axle of the elementary school bus, which sent the bus into a spin that ended when it struck a light pole. Both drivers were cited by police following the accident, and a third citation was issued against the dump truck's owner, Herman's Trucking Inc. Parents have filed a wrongful death suit seeking damages from the truck driver and the trucking company. 

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