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Recall issued after faulty auto assembly resulted in 15 accidents

In the aftermath of a car accident in New York or New Jersey, there can be a flurry of confusion as victims work to discern what happened: Did the other driver hit me? Did I hit the other driver? What happened?

However, it is not always another driver in a car accident that is to blame. In some instances cars will fail for various reasons, resulting in an accident. When drivers across the country get behind the wheel of their vehicles, drivers are trusting that their car will work properly. Unfortunately, there are instances in which a defective material can lead a driver to lose control of their vehicle and become the victim of an accident. In such instances, an auto manufacturer can be held liable when a victim is seriously injured.

Chrysler recently expanded a recall initially issued a few months ago resulting from what appears to be an issue with the assembly of the rear axel in some of the manufacturer's models. Accordingly, a loose part meant that some victims were losing control of their vehicles and crashing. The manufacturer reports knowledge of 15 accidents stemming from failures of this nature.

This expanded recall impacts well over 250,000 vehicles sold across the country. Customers impacted by this recall can bring their vehicle in free of charge to rectify the faulty assembly in the recalled models.

Often drivers think that it is other drivers that put safety on the road at risk. However, manufacturers can jeopardize safety as well. Whether an accident yielding injuries in New York stems from tire failure, defective materials or a defective design, a manufacturer could be held liable in some instances. Injuries from such failures can be devastating and expensive. In some instances financial recourse can be available.

Source: Reuters, "Chrysler recalls 370,297 trucks for possible loose fastener," Feb. 14, 2013

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