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Newark pedestrian killed when struck by motorist

The outcome of an accident in which a defenseless pedestrian is pitted against a metal car is not difficult to predict. Unfortunately, the vulnerable pedestrian is very often seriously injured in such accidents. Sometimes, these injuries are catastrophic and the victim is permanently injured, and their quality of life is forever altered. Other times, the worst happens and the pedestrian is killed.

In a recent New Jersey pedestrian accident, a woman was killed along McCarter highway in Newark when a van struck her. The circumstances surrounding the accident remain unclear. It is not uncommon for authorities and investigators in New Jersey to be unable to immediately identify a pedestrian killed by a motorist, so it can be days before a family is even notified with the devastating news.

There is a huge population of pedestrians in both New Jersey and New York. Very often individuals that regularly walk do not drive, and are therefore unaware of what traffic laws are. This could mean that an injured pedestrian would not know if the driver was behaving in a negligent manner and ignoring traffic laws when the accident happened.

Similarly, even if a pedestrian was jaywalking, they are not unable to financially recoup under a personal injury claim. If a pedestrian is injured by a motorist in New Jersey or New York, the victim could pursue financial compensation for their medical bills stemming from the injuries. An experienced personal injury attorney can be extremely beneficial for individuals that are in such pursuit of recovery following similar happenings.

Source: "Crash leaves one dead in Newark," James Queally, March 3, 2013

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