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Elderly pedestrian hit by SUV after Midtown collision

Pedestrian accidents always have the potential to seriously injure or kill someone, but especially when the walker is either very young or elderly. Smaller, more frail individuals may require more serious -- and costly -- medical care, if they're fortunate enough to survive being hit by an automobile.

A 90-year-old man who was hit by an SUV in Midtown Manhattan last week is expected to survive, though he suffered a leg injury in the accident. The impact was actually the second for the SUV, which first collided with a delivery truck directly in front of Saks Fifth Avenue. It's unclear why the two cars collided, but after the impact the SUV jumped the curb and drove up on the sidewalk where the man was walking. After hitting the man the SUV slammed into the wall of the department store.

The street where the accident occurred was bustling with pedestrians as usual, and those who weren't hit either ran away from the crash scene or rushed to help the injured man. He was taken to a hospital soon afterward. News reports said that one of the drivers involved in the crash was taken into police custody and expected to be charged with an offense. Though it wasn't clear which driver was considered to be at fault, chances are good that the SUV driver will be held responsible for the man's injuries.

Those injuries could be more serious considering the man's advanced age. Bones tend to heal more slowly for elderly patients, resulting in a longer, more expensive recovery. What's more, the process of gaining compensation for injuries in an accident can also be time-consuming, not to mention confusing. The man would greatly benefit from having a legal advocate who can ensure that he's fully and properly compensated for his pain and suffering, caused by an accident he couldn't have avoided.

Source: New York Daily News, "SUV collides with senior in front of Saks Fifth Avenue," Barry Paddock and Thomas Tracy, Feb. 12, 2013

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