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New Jersey car accident that injured 15 blamed on improper turn

Some might say that car accidents are like snowflakes; no two are exactly alike. Weather, road conditions, driver attentiveness and the number of vehicles and people involved can all affect how a crash happens and the extent of the injuries. But no matter what the details are, almost all car accidents create stress and confusion for everyone involved. And if the accident resulted in injuries or damage to vehicles, those affected will want to know immediately who will cover the cost of medical and auto repair bills.

New York City arrests 16 people for accident fraud

Everyday thousands of New York City residents utilize some form of transportation to navigate our great city. It is no surprise that auto accidents and injuries have become an everyday common occurrence in the Big Apple. However, the simple fact that these mishaps are fairly commonplace doesn't take away from the serious pain, suffering, and often confusion as a result of an auto accident. Personal injury claims are the legal disputes that intend to fairly compensate victims for general distress and damage from such accidents.

Supreme Court to rule on Medicaid, birth injury awards, part 2

In our last post we discussed how families who receive settlement money from a birth injury lawsuit or other medical malpractice case may be forced to give up some of those funds if they've received Medicaid to cover their medical costs. A case before the Supreme Court could dictate what families in New York, New Jersey and nationwide can expect from a birth injury settlement.

Supreme Court to rule on Medicaid, birth injury awards, part 1

There are few more devastating experiences parents can have than dealing with a debilitating birth injury caused by a doctor's mistakes. Not only do birth injuries such as cerebral palsy result in a tremendous loss of quality of life for the child, but these injuries tend to be permanent and severe, requiring lifelong dependent care that is usually well beyond a family's financial means.

Manhattan cab driver killed in car accident just outside taxi

You don't have to be a New Yorker to understand that the city's streets can be deadly. Car accidents happen frequently and can be deadly even at slower speeds. While most people who make the choice to drive their own cars in New York are aware of the risks and rules of driving in heavy traffic, accidents happen every day, and sometimes, unfortunately, they are deadly.

Silent electric cars may cause more pedestrian accidents

New hybrid and electric vehicles are extremely popular and many expect to see an increasing number of them on the streets and highways in the coming years. Some say that this is a good thing for the environment, and many have commented on how silently they run. But that, it turns out, may not entirely be a good thing, because pedestrians crossing a street may not hear a vehicle coming, leading to a significant risk and a larger number of pedestrian accidents.

Drugged driving suspected in fatal New York collision

Lately we've been hearing more about our country's war on drugs and the government's policy surrounding them. Increasing numbers of people feel that legalizing some drugs would eliminate many of the problems our society faces. Still, there appears to be widespread agreement that like alcohol, drugs and driving are a dangerous combination. Reaction time and decision making are affected by drug use, creating a high risk of car accidents.

Crash between 2 buses causes serious injuries in New Jersey

Whether you're a student or a commuter, if you take mass transportation to school or work every day, you do so with the assumption that you'll reach your destination safely and without incident. You can only hope that your bus driver or train operator has been properly trained and has experience transporting large amounts of passengers, no matter what traffic and road conditions are like.

3 family members killed in New Jersey Turnpike crash

When a car accident takes a person's life, the victim's family suffers considerable grief. But imagine the effect of losing three family members in the same accident, especially in a city far away from home. That's what happened to one young woman who was traveling home from New Jersey with her mother, father and brother late last month.

'Never events' still frequent, medical malpractice research says

Many New Yorkers have heard stories of terrible mistakes being made during surgery. Examples include doctors operating on the wrong patient or the wrong body part; other stories detail surgical sponges or other equipment being left inside patients. These may sound like urban legends, but for the people who have suffered these mistakes, they are very real.

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