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Efforts to cease distracted driving hit wall with 'webbing'

As if distracted driving weren't bad enough, the problem appears to be getting worse thanks to smartphone technology. More drivers are surfing the Internet while behind the wheel, which will more than likely cause additional car accidents. The practice is called "webbing," and 48 percent of young drivers are participating, according to a recent study.

Social media websites and email are the most common Web destinations while on the road, and not only younger drivers are performing the task of webbing. Numbers show 21 percent of all drivers are accessing the Internet when driving.

Motorists who are searching the Web are creating just as hazardous a situation as texting while driving, and webbing may even be more dangerous. So far laws have been created to curb texting while driving, but cellphone companies may need to establish better technology to stop other phone uses when on the road.

In addition to phones, new motor vehicle companies are implementing technology in cars so drivers can sync to the Internet through their phones, but respond to texts and e-mails with voice activation systems. The system can also read statuses aloud from social media sites, along with browser searches and other features that keep the driver connected at all times. Though some critics believe this is also a distraction, many will agree the systems are a better option than taking one's eyes off the road to look at a phone.

So far, most of the major car companies are making sure to add the feature in their high-end vehicles, and some are even creating Wi-Fi hot spots in the car itself.

Source:, "Distracted driving due to Web surfing is on the rise," Douglas Newcomb, Nov. 26, 2012

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