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Browsing the Internet behind the wheel becoming more common

It is illegal for New Jersey drivers to use a cell phone while driving. However, despite potential fines, some New Jersey residents may be violating this law.

According to State Farm, browsing the Internet while driving is becoming an increasingly common practice. After surveying close to 1,000 drivers in July, State Farm found that 48 percent of young drivers browse the Internet while driving, a 19 percent increase from three years ago.

"Though texting while driving remains a concern on the nation's highways, people are also webbing while driving with increasing frequency," the car insurance provider said in a statement. "These behaviors may pose equal or greater concerns in the effort to reduce distracted driving."

Young drivers aren't the only ones surfing the Internet behind the wheel. The survey also found that Internet browsing while driving rose 8 percent among drivers from all age groups. State Farm believes this practice is becoming more common because of the increase in the number of people who use smartphones.

A car accident can happen in the blink of an eye. When people take their eyes off the road for a second, terrible tragedies can occur. Distracted driving car accidents can leave people with severe injuries. In some cases those injuries may even be fatal.

A text message, email or social media update is not important enough to risk lives. Drivers in New Jersey and others elsewhere must do all that they can to prevent tragic car accidents from happening. That means drivers must keep their cell phones put away and their eyes on the road at all times.

Source: MSN Autos, "Distracted driving due to Web surfing is on the rise," Douglas Newcomb, Nov. 26, 2012

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