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Brooklyn car accident kills pedestrian, injures 7 others

Residents of New York City are accustomed to busy intersections with cars whizzing by in every direction. Living in a congested metropolitan area tends to make pedestrians hyper-aware of the risks of stepping out into traffic. But they also have a reasonable expectation of safety while traveling on sidewalks and other pedestrian walkways. Few walkers anticipate having to dodge cars and other motorized vehicles when they aren't crossing streets.

Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents do happen, often with tragic results. One recent example is a crash in Brooklyn that took place a couple of weeks ago. Four people were standing on the northeast corner of an intersection one afternoon when two cars collided at the crossing. The collision caused one of the cars to crash into the group of pedestrians.

One of the people on the corner, a 60-year-old woman, died of her injuries soon after at a local hospital. The other three pedestrians, who were reportedly family members of the woman, suffered serious injuries -- including a 1-year-old child. Also injured were four people in the vehicle that hit the pedestrians. The driver and his three passengers were all taken to the same hospital as the pedestrians.

The surviving pedestrians have not only been injured, but lost a family member. The SUV passengers and driver will have medical expenses of their own. Because the driver who crashed into the SUV that hit the pedestrians isn't expected to be charged criminally, the injured parties in this case may be wondering if they have any recourse.

In a situation with this level of injury and personal loss, the victims could benefit from a legal professional who can help sort out the details and ensure that they receive the compensation they sorely need and deserve.

Source:, "Woman Dead, 3 Pedestrians and 4 Passengers Hurt in Brooklyn Crash," Jess Wisloski, Dec. 8, 2012

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