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New York accident causes dozens of injuries, 1 death

A car accident of any size can be chaotic, but typically, the more cars that are involved, the more confusing the aftermath. Crash scene investigators must determine not only how the accident was caused, but what role each involved vehicle played. Chain-reaction crashes can involve multiple insurance and personal injury claims, such as in cases where one car caused another vehicle to crash into yet another, and so on.

New Jersey man sentenced for causing fatal accident

When we hear about accidents that involve driving under the influence, most of us tend to assume that a driver had consumed alcohol or illegal drugs before getting behind the wheel. But New Jersey and other states' laws against impaired driving also apply to prescription and even some over-the-counter drugs. When not taken properly, these pharmaceuticals can lead to just as much trouble as the aforementioned substances.

Brooklyn car accident kills pedestrian, injures 7 others

Residents of New York City are accustomed to busy intersections with cars whizzing by in every direction. Living in a congested metropolitan area tends to make pedestrians hyper-aware of the risks of stepping out into traffic. But they also have a reasonable expectation of safety while traveling on sidewalks and other pedestrian walkways. Few walkers anticipate having to dodge cars and other motorized vehicles when they aren't crossing streets.

Hospitals take on extra methods to reduce birth injuries

A set of practices developed as part of a Premier Perinatal Safety Initiative has been shown to reduce injuries among newborn babies by anywhere from 5.4 percent to 25 percent at hospitals that have adopted them. Besides reducing birth injuries, the practices had the effect of reducing legal liability and costs and reducing traumatic experiences for medical personnel as well as parents. Despite this, only 14 hospitals have adopted the measures as preferred best practices.

Distractions in surgery can lead to medical malpractice

In our last post we discussed the fact that younger drivers are prone to distractions that can cause car accidents. But a new study suggests that combined inexperience and inattention can have negative consequences in other areas, too -- namely, the operating room.

Efforts to cease distracted driving hit wall with 'webbing'

As if distracted driving weren't bad enough, the problem appears to be getting worse thanks to smartphone technology. More drivers are surfing the Internet while behind the wheel, which will more than likely cause additional car accidents. The practice is called "webbing," and 48 percent of young drivers are participating, according to a recent study.

New Jersey police try to educate drivers on state pedestrian law

Imagine you're driving down a New Jersey street and you see a pedestrian step off the curb at the intersection in front of you. If there isn't a stop sign or traffic light to guide you, what's your next move? Do you drive through the intersection, slow down to give the walker enough time to cross, or stop completely at the crosswalk? What if the crosswalk isn't marked?

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