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6-year-old New York boy killed when bus crashes into home

If there's one place everyone expects to feel safe, it's at home. We're supposed to feel protected there, both from nature's elements and the outside world in general. It's the place we go to relax and shake off stress after a long day. It's where we eat and sleep, and the space we share with our families. Any unwelcome intrusions can range from irritating to extremely dangerous.

One such intrusion into a Long Island home ended in tragedy for the family who lived there. To their horror, a Nassau Inter-County Express bus crashed into their home, killing a 6-year-old boy. According to the Nassau County Police Department, the bus was traveling through the area Tuesday night at approximately 9:30 when a pedestrian crossed the bus's path.

Although the driver attempted to avoid the person by swerving out of the way, such maneuvers usually aren't possible with such a large vehicle. The bus ended up striking the pedestrian, which caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle. Subsequently, the bus crashed into a house - right into the front bedroom where the boy was sleeping.

The boy's older brother, who is 7 years old, was also sleeping in the bedroom but managed to escape serious injury. As for the passengers on the bus, 11 out of the approximately 20 people on the bus also suffered injuries, though most were minor.

Police said the driver would probably not be charged with a crime, although the investigation is continuing. In the meantime, the boy's family is reeling from their loss. They're now faced with not only the emotional and financial cost of putting the boy to rest, but the expenses associated with the damage to their house. They deserve compensation for the literal and figurative new holes in their lives, which they may pursue with a civil lawsuit against the bus driver and/or the bus company.

No one expects tragedy to literally strike their home. But when it does, there should be some recourse. A wrongful death lawsuit in this case could help the victim's family recover financially and emotionally from an accident that they could never have seen coming.

Source: CNN, "Bus crash in New York kills 6-year-old," Marina Carver, Nov. 28, 2012

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