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New York court to decide if ethical breach equals malpractice

Most people are aware that if a physician or other health care provider commits a significant error that harms a patient, that professional, as well as the clinic or hospital where the error is committed, may be subject to a medical malpractice lawsuit. But what kinds of errors actually qualify? A case recently brought to the New York Court of Appeals seeks an answer to this question.

Traffic safety administration: Talk with teens to prevent crashes

Recent statistics regarding teens killed in motor vehicle accidents are behind the Department of Transportation's urging parents to communicate more about safety behind the wheel. Car accidents involving teens are a growing problem, largely due to distracted driving. In 2010, one out of every 10 drivers involved in a fatal crash was between the ages of 15 and 20.

Driver in fatal New York bus accident could face civil lawsuits

New Yorkers may remember hearing about a terrible bus accident that occurred in March of last year. The bus driver accused of causing the crash, which killed 15 passengers and injured many more, stood trial last month on manslaughter charges, but he could face even more legal repercussions if the families of those who died decide to file a wrongful death lawsuit against him.

Couple endures horrific birth injury, files medical malpractice suit

What was supposed to be a miraculous day for a couple expecting a child turned into a heartbreaking nightmare after doctors failed to insure the safety of their newborn. The child did not survive what proved to be a gruesome birth injury. Because of this, the man and woman have introduced civil litigation, in which they named four different defendants they believe played a negligent role in the child's death.

New York teen faces charges after car accident with school bus

Like many other states, New York has special rules that only apply to teenage drivers. The laws take into consideration the tendencies and level of experience of these young motorists, who may be more susceptible to car accidents. Teens may think the laws aren't fair, but a recent crash between a teen driver's car and a school bus demonstrates the need for the extra restrictions of a graduated driver's license system.

Medical errors often go unreported by patients

We all know that to err is human, and that everyone makes mistakes. Even a professional you trust with your life, such as your doctor, is capable of the occasional wrong decision. But too often, medical errors are kept under wraps without being reported to a state agency, licensing board or other group that tracks such mistakes. And when medical malpractice goes unreported, everyone suffers.

Antidepressants may increase happiness, but also car accidents

In the past couple decades we've seen major advances in pharmaceuticals geared toward mental health. Antidepressants have increased in both effectiveness and usage, with much of the stigma associated with these drugs removed so that many more people are taking them and seeing positive results. But as the advertisements for these medications make clear, they come with a range of side effects.

Teen New Jersey soccer player killed in car accident

The family and friends of a 16-year-old girl from Bloomfield, New Jersey, are in mourning and disbelief. The high school soccer player was killed in a rear-end car accident over the weekend, and investigators have said reckless driving and excessive speed may be to blame.

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