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New York City's transportation and accident results are in

How are you getting around today? If it's by car, bike or foot, you may want to think about how alert you're feeling before heading out. A new update in this year's New York City transportation report shows that fatalities have risen in the last year, in the categories of cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers and their passengers. This increase has officials in the city looking at the ways in which such collisions and accidents could be avoided in the future.

Parkway fatalities multiplying in New Jersey: action to be taken?

Young drivers in New Jersey are the focus of a string of fatal motor vehicle accidents over the last few years. Of sixteen parkway fatalities this year, half of them are young men, in their teens or twenties. It appears that, since the accidents are occurring in different areas of the Garden State Parkway, there may be some educational action that could be taken. This is the new effort is an effort Jim Simpson, the State Transportation Commissioner, is exploring now.

Too fast, too furious moment claims the lives of three

As long as there have been cars people have been fascinated by the idea of pushing them to new speeds and new extremes. In the past few decades, society has seen a rise in the number of people interested in car racing. With more and more people becoming interested, pockets of people have even resorted to illegal street-racing in order to satiate their love for the sport.

Children with chronic illnesses may be at risk for medical errors

Researchers from one Nationwide Children's Hospital wanted to know what percentage of medical errors happened among children with chronic illnesses versus children with non-chronic illnesses. Using a government database they got their answer, but it was an answer with which they were not surprised.

More than half of fatal car accident drivers used drugs, alcohol

While there have been many safety campaigns attempting to lessen the number of vehicle accidents, the carnage on the highways still continues. A new study shows that one common factor in many fatal car accidents is the use of drugs or alcohol (or both). Statistics reveal that more than 50 percent of all drivers who have met their death in a car crash registered positive for the presence of drugs or alcohol in their bodies.

Jersey City boater accused in fatal crash enters not-guilty plea

Boating is a very popular activity among New York and New Jersey residents, but it also comes with some risks. When boat operators drink, drive recklessly or simply don't pay attention, accidents can happen quickly. And just as with crashes involving cars, the consequences are often deadly.

New York car accident victim receives settlement for 2008 crash

Car accidents can begin and end in a matter of seconds, but for those who suffer a serious injury as a result of a crash, the problems can last for years afterward. A car accident victim who becomes disabled to the point of not being able to return to work must not only deal with the lingering physical pain of an injury, but the financial struggle of lost wages.

Older New Jersey pedestrians at higher risk of death, report says

Many people in New Jersey opt to get from point A to point B on foot rather than in a car, either for exercise or simply because they don't drive. Among this pedestrian population are senior citizens, and their numbers are rapidly growing as older baby boomers approach their 60s and 70s. Unfortunately, these pedestrians also make up a high-risk group. According to a report from the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, the risk of being seriously injured or killed as a pedestrian rises with age.

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