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Wrongful death action for death of child or elderly loved one

The loss of a New Jersey loved one is a difficult event. Young or old, one is never prepared to accept that a family member has left us. When a fatal accident occurs, this can be extremely shocking. The negligence of another party has put one at a major loss not only by losing a loved one, but also suffering the financial damages associated with this loss.

When filing a wrongful death action against the presumed liable party, surviving family members are essentially putting a value on the victim's life. This value is measured by certain factors of the victim's life such as his or her earning potential. While it is not a pleasant task to setting a value or price on a person's life, this is required for this civil action. The process is further complicated when the matter involves the death of a child or an elderly loved one.

Driver faces manslaughter charges following fatal crash

Automobile accidents are not unheard of. In fact, most motorists in New Jersey and elsewhere drive by an accident site on a weekly or monthly basis. While many of these collisions are minor, only leaving minimal damage to vehicles, others can be severe, seriously injuring or killing occupants. The sudden loss of a loved one because of a negligent driver is a difficult event to cope with. It is also hard to deal with the aftermath of a fatal crash. The matter can be costly, making it even harder to cope with the loss one just suffered.

According to recent reports, a motorist was charged with manslaughter for an accident that killed two. Reports indicated that the crash occurred earlier this year, and a grand jury recently added the counts to the charges the 32-year-old man already faced, which are death and assault by auto.

How could a birth injury impact a child later in life?

An injury can have a lasting impact on a victim. While this may not always be physical, there are some types of injuries that could result in a victim living with challenges or health problems for the rest of his or her life. Consider a birth injury, for example. The eventful and joyous time of bringing new life into the world could turn tragic when medical errors are made during pregnancy, labor and delivery. While the immediate harms are likely seen shortly after the birth injury occurred, it is possible to have a birth injury cause additional health issues down the line.

How could a birth injury impact a child later in life? According to a recent study, researchers found that nerve-related birth injuries could result in mental health problems for the infant when he or she reaches their teen years. The research focused on brachial plexus. This is a birth injury where the nerve fibers leading to the arm are damaged. This type of birth injury can range from hardly being noticeable to not being able to move one's arm.

Pain and suffering damages in a wrongful death lawsuit

When we drive by an accident site, we are likely to see the physical damage to the vehicles involved. If occupants are being transported into an ambulance, we can assume injuries were suffered. While a mere glimpse of a car accident can convey that injuries and damages are involved, this does not begin to explain what an accident victim has gone through. While a civil action can directly address the injuries and damages caused, this does not touch on the actual pain and suffering involved in the incident, especially if a life is lost.

A wrongful death action following a fatal car crash often addresses the direct damages related to the incident. This frequently includes medical bills, funeral costs, lost wages, loss of companionship and other related damages. One damage that some do not realize is pain and suffering. This focuses on the pain and suffering the victim suffered from the time of the incident until he or she passed from the injuries suffered in the car accident.

Understanding Erb's palsy

As an expectant mother, your growing baby's safety, welfare and health likely are your top concerns. You consequently do everything possible to keep yourself safe and healthy so (s)he will be, too. Unfortunately, however, there are some things over which you have no control. Birth injuries are one of these, and Erb's palsy, although a fairly rare birth injury, can have serious and long-lasting effects on your baby if and when it occurs.

Erb's palsy is a condition that injures the nerves in your baby's brachial plexus during his or her birth. It happens in 0.5 to 2.6 percent of live births. Some babies "outgrow" Erb's palsy, but others do not, and these children face a 20-25 percent risk of serious arm and shoulder problems without surgical intervention.

Seeking compensation for the wrongful death of a loved one

The loss of a loved one is a challenging event to cope with. While this tragic event is better prepared for when a love done is ill or elderly, death is always a difficult event to deal with. This is especially true when a family member is taken away from us too soon because they fell victim to an accident. The negligence and recklessness of others could suddenly take our loved ones away from us, and we are left with many questions as we grieve this sudden, difficult loss.

Dealing with the death of a loved one is one of the most painful experiences a person can have. It is hard not to focus on this tragedy, as it is one that can impact a person for years to come. However, it is important to consider everything you can do to better this situation. Although nothing can bring back your loved one, there are steps people can take to provide some relief following a fatal accident in New Jersey and elsewhere.

Understanding shoulder dystocia

WE tend to have very specific ideas when we think about what it will be like bringing a child into this world. Becoming pregnant can be a very joyful time. As it nears the baby's due date, the mother reminds herself of what her birth plan is with the hope that it will provide her with a healthy newborn. While it is possible for everything to go smooth and to plan, mistakes and errors are possible, resulting in a newborn suffering birth injuries.

One type of birth injury a baby could suffer is known as shoulder dystocia. This occurs when the baby's head is too large to be delivered through the vagina, causing the baby's shoulders to get stuck inside the mother's body. Such a situation creates risks for both the baby and the mother.

Woman struck and killed in Newark police pursuit

For those who must travel during rush hour, it is clear how many vehicles can fill up a roadway. This can be vastly different for motorists traveling during the evening and late night hours. The roads can seem sparse, providing a wide open space or motorists. However, motorists are not the only ones traveling on the roadways. Pedestrians and cyclists can share the road with motorists at any hour of the day or night. Because of this, it is also vital that drivers keep an eye out for them.

According to reports, a 29-year-old woman was struck and killed in a recent collision in Newark. Reports indicated that this pedestrian crash happened during a police chase. Newark police were pursuing two men that allegedly stole a Jeep at gunpoint. Officers spotted the stolen vehicle near Bergen and Chadwick.

Why do some wrong-site surgeries occur?

Being diagnosed with a serious illness is a scary event. It is even scarier when a patient is told that they need surgery to better their fight against the illness. While medical professionals have the skills and training needed to complete these procedures, the unfortunate reality is that errors can happen in the operating room. Medical mistakes, even though they might be minor, could be the cause of a serious and even life-threatening situation. Thus, patients should always be aware of the actions taken during their medical care and what steps they could take if errors occur.

When considering ways to prevent medical errors in the operating room, it is important to understand why they occur. There are a wide variety of surgical errors that could harm a patient. However, there are some that are more concerning than others, such as operating on the wrong body part or side of the body.

Essential safety tips for construction workers

An occupation in construction is not for the faint of heart. Working on a construction site is inherently risky. Operating tools, working at high elevations and walking on unsafe surfaces are all tasks that may potentially result in an injury. 

However, there are some ways you can minimize your chances of getting hurt. Here are some essential steps to staying safe as a construction worker.

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