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Injuries Sustained Due to Ice and Snow

How Ice and Snow Can Be Dangerous

As the days move by, the weather is becoming colder and colder. On December 9, 2018, a large snow storm worked its way through North Carolina and Virginia, covering the states in historic levels of snow. Thousands of people are snowed in, with two confirmed dead and thousands of others without power. As the weather subsides, there will be a lot to clean up on residential properties, and some might begin to wonder: How much of my property is mine to clean? What am I responsible for?

The Injuries Involved in Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accident Statistics

In large cities like New York, pedestrian travel is often the preferred way to travel. Traffic is usually too clustered, and navigating cities that have a simple layout like New York sometimes makes walking or biking easier than to try to take a vehicle. The problem with walking in cities like New York, however, are the number of accidents involving pedestrians. In the past year, the number of pedestrians that were killed in traffic accidents jumped 11% compared to the previous year. This jump in deaths concerns many people because the number of those who are deciding to walk and bike to their destinations is climbing for reasons ranging from trying to be more physically fit to those who wish to be more environmentally conscious, a trend which is increasing as time goes on as well. With the increase in pedestrian accidents, many are wondering if switching to be a pedestrian is worth the risk, or if they should find their exercise another way.

Regulations Surrounding School Buses and Their Drivers

School Bus Safety and Children

In late October 2018, on board video footage surfaced of a Texas school bus driver ignoring a sign cautioning that the road ahead was closed due to flooding. The driver saw the sign and decided to ignore it, attempting to drive through the intersection anyway despite the water clearly flowing heavily over the road. The bus entered the roadway and was quickly swept away where it floated down the road for some time before stopping on some trees. The driver had a 12-year-old student on the bus with him at the time. Both the driver and the student ended up being ok, but the question remains: How could something like this happen?

How Safety Features in Your Car Help You Every Day

What are Safety Features?

In every vehicle today you will find an array of safety features that have been built into its design. Safety features are exactly what they sound like: they're different features and aspects within a vehicle designed to keep the passengers and the vehicle itself safe from collisions and other accidents. These features range from things like small sensors to the actual frame and structure of the vehicle. Today, vehicles are safer than they ever have been, and with the advancement of technology, safety features in vehicles are continuing to grow and make our roads safer each and every day.

How Seatbelts Affect Your Life

History of the Seatbelt

In all vehicles made and sold today, seatbelts are a standard safety feature that's included. Seatbelts are a common and expected feature when it comes to vehicles today, but that wasn't always the case. Seatbelts were patented the same year as when the automobile was invented, in 1885, but the first laws requiring seatbelts to be a standard feature in vehicles would not be introduced until 1968. Before that point, seatbelts were an additional charge to have in a vehicle, which many people would choose not to have due to the extra money. As time would tell, though, seatbelts would be a simple addition that would end up saving the lives of roughly half of all crash victims, allowing these victims a life they would not have had if they did not have their seatbelts in their car.

You've Been in a Car Accident, What Happens Next?

Every Day Car Accidents

It is an unfortunate but true statement that car accidents occur every day. These accidents will range from small fender benders in which only paint transferred from one vehicle to another, to multi car collisions in which injuries and other property damage occurs. Although these latter accidents do occur, most drivers will never experience an accident to that extreme, which makes the accidents we face all the easier to handle.

The Process of Healing Broken Ribs

Why Our Ribs Are Important

The ribcage plays an important roll in the anatomy of every living creature. Ribs work to protect the organs within the ribcage, which are organs such as the heart, liver, and kidneys. For this reason, it's important to make sure your ribs are well taken care of. Broken ribs pose a risk to the organs they protect, either by being a point of which an organ can be punctured due to a sharp broken end, or because the ribcage is not as sturdy when some ribs are broken, meaning the entire structure is weakened. While they tend to be a sturdy structure, ribs can be fractured or broken in certain cases, and when that happens, it's important to make sure that they are well taken care of so that they heal completely and properly.

How An Internal Decapitation Occurs

Cases of Internal Decapitation

In August 2018, a report broke discussing a 22-year-old man who, miraculously, survived and is about 50% recovered from an injury called internal decapitation. This young man had been involved in a car accident in which his car slid off of the road due to black ice, with the impact of hitting the ditch causing his head to go through a window, which caused his injury. Despite the odds being against him, he lived and is now working to return to a normal life. His improbable recovery is one that is newsworthy, since the injury is known to be "universally fatal," and it's one that gives doctors hope to help future victims of this injury recover and live normal lives.

Injuries That Come from Boating Accidents

Boating Accidents in America

Boats are one of the few vehicles that service a variety of people who enjoy taking time to go out on the water. Boats are used by fisherman who fish in lakes, rivers, and the ocean. Boats are used as the vehicle in aquatic sports like speed boat racing. Boats are also used by the very rich and famous who enjoy taking their large boat out to sea for romantic dinners and getaways. Whether it's a small dingy or a forty-foot yacht, boats are a vehicle used by just about every demographic in America.

The Most Common Injuries in Vehicle Accidents

Statistics for Vehicle Accidents in America

By the time a person in their early 30's, they will more than likely have experienced being in a car accident. For most, these accidents will be simple ones. Rear-end accidents, fender benders, and low impact collisions are all fairly common accidents that occur multiple times every day, and for many people, these accidents do not result in significant or long-lasting injuries.

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