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How can cerebral palsy impact a child?

When a woman in New Jersey and elsewhere finds out she is pregnant, she likely sees a doctor and makes various changes to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Despite the actions taken by a pregnant woman, this may not be enough to overcome improper medical advice or actions taken during pregnancy, labor or delivery. Unfortunately, medical mistakes can be made, resulting in a child suffering from a birth injury.

One type of birth injury a newborn could suffer is cerebral palsy. This is a baby's brain is damaged before, during or shortly after their birth. This results in a disorder that impacts the baby's movement and coordination. The most common causes of this birth injury is an infection in the mother during pregnancy, abnormal brain development of the baby or the lack of oxygen to the baby's brain before, during or immediately following birth, which is known as birth asphyxia.

Highlighting the importance of pedestrian safety

While many residents in New Jersey and elsewhere own their own vehicles, this is not the only mode of transportation individuals will use. Although public transportation can be very effective and efficient, some prefer to get around by foot. Walking to and from destinations is a great form of exercise; however, it is also an activity that comes with risks. Pedestrians tend to travel near traffic, and if a motorist is not attentive, this could result in a serious collision.

Pedestrian safety is an ongoing initiative. And in order to continue making these strides, the data surrounding pedestrian accidents must be understood. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the fatalities among pedestrians have increased over the years when compared to other accident victim groups. Based on current statistics, 5,376 pedestrians died in automobile collisions in 2015.

Protect your dog from a canine attack

The thought of being mauled by a dog can be one of the most terrifying things to cross your mind. However, what if it happened not to you, but to your own pup? Most dog attacks we hear about in New Jersey and elsewhere are those that involve human beings. While tragic and frightening, it is just as scary when someone’s beloved pet is injured by someone else’s dog.

When a dog attacks, many times the dog that bites is one that the person knew. It could be your child playing with a neighbor’s dog, or your mom could reach over to pet your sleeping pooch, which startles awake and nips her. The circumstances can be different when a dog bites your dog, however. Often, dog attacks against other dogs occur during walks or at the park. You may protect your dog from attacks in the following ways:

  • Keep your dog on a leash when you are on a walk.
  • Consider limiting your dog’s time off leash when you are at a park.
  • Choose dog parks with size-appropriate areas and watch your pup with others at all times.
  • Get obedience training to teach your dog to heel or come back immediately when called.
  • Understand that even the best-trained dogs may run off without notice or react unpredictably around other canines.
  • Be aware of your dog’s behavior around others. Some dogs are friendly toward other dogs while others are wary or aggressive. Understand that another dog might not receive your dog’s friendliness well.

Diagnostic errors top list for patient safety concerns

It happens every year. Individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere fall ill, go to their doctor, are diagnosed and given a treatment plan. It seems rather simple and straightforward, and if we were talking about minor illnesses like a sinus infection or the flu, this would be correct. However, ailments can get complex. Even if it is not a rare condition, it could be missed or wrongfully diagnosed. This could cause a patient much hardship, as they are not getting the medical treatment they require to treat the illness or condition from which they are suffering.

Patients have many safety concerns when they are treated at a medical clinic or facility. While patients stress about opioid safety and issues concerning healthcare IT, the item that has topped the list is one that is no stranger to this top slot. Diagnostic errors remain the top safety concern for patients.

How common are diagnostic errors?

When patients in New Jersey and elsewhere are not feeling well, their first thought is usually to see the doctor. Medical professionals are equipped with the education, experience, skills and tools necessary to determine what is wrong and what the best course of treatment is. This is true when medical professionals follow the proper steps and take the time to ensure accuracy and proficiency in their profession.

Medical errors can occur for a wide variety of reasons, one of them being misdiagnosis. It is estimated that roughly 12 million Americans suffer from a misdiagnosis each year. A misdiagnosis could occur for one of three reasons. First, the medical professional could see the medical condition as something entirely different than what it is. Next, the doctor could completely miss the signs of the ailment, failing to diagnose a patient at all or presuming it is a minor illness that requires no treatment. Finally, a patient could be diagnosed too late because he or she was never diagnosed or was diagnosed with something wrong initially.

Recovering damages after a pedestrian accident

Large and small, cities pose pedestrians risks. Although sidewalks and crosswalks are designed to provide a safe place for individuals in New Jersey and elsewhere to travel by foot, the truth of the matter is that even sidewalks are not safe from motorists. When a driver is distracted, negligent or intoxicated, they could cross over onto a sidewalk or travel through a sidewalk when a pedestrian is attempting to cross the road.

Pedestrian accidents are one of the most serious types of collisions. A person does not have a hard exterior shell to protect them. Therefore, a collision with a vehicle, even at low speed, could harm the pedestrian tremendously. A pedestrian accident is likely to cause injuries where the impact occurred as well as injuries to the body parts that come into contact with the ground after the individual is thrown.

Understanding pedestrian accidents

Even though most residents in New Jersey and elsewhere rely on motor vehicles to get around, almost every time a motorist or occupant exits a vehicle, they become a pedestrian. Whether a vehicle is parked in a parking lot or on the street, occupants become pedestrians as they travel from the vehicle to their destination. Although this is likely a short distance, it is still possible to face dangers caused by motor vehicles traveling in the area.

The biggest risk pedestrians face occurs when motorists do not see them or fail to uphold the rules of the road. This means that they are speeding, failing to remain attentive of their surroundings, not stopping at traffic signs or signals or fail to give pedestrians the right-of-way in a crosswalk. Any of these acts could be the cause of a serious or deadly pedestrian crash.

Why do car accidents happen?

With the abundance of motor vehicles in the road, it is easy to see how they might bump into one another. But what really causes these crashes? We have heard the words negligence, recklessness, distracted and intoxicated thrown around when we hear about a car crash happened, but that doesn't explain exactly what happened.

Why do car accidents happen? When we travel by a crash site, we often find ourselves slowing down to see what happened. But do we really see what happened? We see damaged or destroyed vehicles that do not tell a story other than that they collided. Thus, in order to obtain more details of a crash, investigation must occur. This involves taking a look at the physics of the crash, the status of the drivers and obtaining witness accounts.

Common accidents that happen on construction sites

If you are thinking about becoming a construction worker or currently work as one in the Newark area, you may or may not realize how dangerous the job environment can be. Construction worksite accidents happen all the time for many reasons.

Although the construction work environment is full of hazards that can lead to injury and death, many construction accidents are avoidable. Take some time to learn about a few construction accidents to take care to avoid.

Driver charged with a DUI following Newark multi-car crash

When we get our driver's license, we are well informed that car accidents can happen for a wide variety of reasons. Depending on one's age, it was likely drunk driving was the most dangerous thing a motorist could do while behind the wheel. However, today distracted and fatigued driving are mainstream concerns. Despite the growing dangers on the roadways, drunk driving continues to cause many accidents each year.

This is the suspected cause of a recent multi-vehicle crash in Newark. According to reports, the suspected drunk driver caused a five-vehicle collision on South Main Street. Occurring during the early afternoon hours, the driver of a Dodge Ram truck crashed into the rear of a Jeep Cherokee near the intersection of South Main Street and Murray Road. The force of this crash caused the Jeep to collide with a Honda CRV, which then hit a Hyundai Santa Fe.

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