Fatal Accidents, Negligence And Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one through the negligence of another person or entity can be one of the most painful experiences in a person's life. Following the fatal accident, families may not think immediately about legal action, choosing instead to focus on the grieving process. Pursuing legal action in the form of a wrongful death claim may be advisable for many situations.

A lawyer from Robert A. Solomon, P.C., can discuss with you the advisability of pursuing a wrongful death claim. From our office in Newark, New Jersey, and two locations in New York, we can handle the legal affairs while you and your family focus on grieving and healing.

What Is Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death as a legal term is a death that has been caused by the fault of another person. For example, deaths caused by drunk driving, the manufacture of a defective or dangerous product, the construction of an unsound structure or building, or failing to diagnose a fatal disease may be considered under the law as "wrongful deaths."

Wrongful death lawsuits or claims are generally filed by family members or beneficiaries of the decedent. In some instances, these claims are filed in order to obtain monetary damages to cover the earnings the deceased person would have provided. Other damages that may be recovered include:

  • Expense associated with the death, e.g., medical and funeral.
  • Lost benefits, such as insurance, from the death
  • Loss of inheritance from an untimely death
  • Pain, suffering or mental anguish suffered by the survivor of the decedent
  • Loss of companionship, care or protection
  • Punitive damages, intended to punish wrongdoers and prevent them from harming others

If a family member has been killed due to the actions or negligence of another party, Robert A. Solomon, P.C., has the experience and the skill to pursue a wrongful death claim on behalf of survivors. Monetary damages cannot replace the person, but they do provide compensation for lost income, medical and funeral expenses, and loss of companionship.

Wrongful death attorneys at Robert A. Solomon, P.C., represent families throughout the greater New York & New Jersey area. The firm has over 30 years experience with the law and they obtained substantial compensation through jury trials and/or negotiated settlements for victims of all types of accidents:

  • Medical malpractice deaths
  • Fatal car accidents or truck accidents
  • Pedestrians struck by cars
  • Construction fatalities
  • Deaths from defective products
  • Drowning or fire-related death

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