Bikini Wax Dangers: What You Should Know

In recent years, the popularity of the Brazilian bikini wax has soared in the United States. While many men and women flock to have this cosmetic procedure performed, what many do not realize is that it carries some potentially serious health risks.

If you have suffered a rash, infection, or other medical problem following a bikini wax, contact Robert A. Solomon, P.C., or call 800-469-6476. Our Newark, New Jersey, and New York-based firm's attorneys can help determine if the salon or spa was somehow negligent during the procedure, and if so, take appropriate legal action. You may be entitled to compensation.

What Are The Dangers Of A Bikini Wax?

In March of 2009, New Jersey considered banning the Brazilian bikini wax because of two near-fatal infections linked to this procedure. Ultimately, they decided not to ban it because the procedure can be performed safely. Still, many salons fail to take simple safety precautions that protect their clients from the risk of dangerous infections.

Infections linked to bikini waxes are often caused by the transfer of bacteria into the container of wax. Salons are required to use a new dipping stick every time they reapply wax. When this does not happen, the wax container acts almost as a Petri dish in which bacteria can grow. Then, the same non-sterile wax is used on multiple clients who can contract:

  • Rashes
  • Cellulitis
  • Staph infections
  • Mercer infections
  • STD's
  • HIV

Beauty salons and spas must take proper precautions to prevent these infections and diseases. When these businesses are negligent and clients pay the price, they can be held accountable. If you have become sick, required hospitalization or surgery, or been scarred after a botched bikini wax, you may be entitled to compensation.

Protect yourself: The use of an antibiotic ointment is encouraged after a bikini wax.

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