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Multi-vehicle crash in New Jersey kills one and injures another

Residents in New Jersey often feel the constant demands that life brings. And because of that, motorists find themselves driving from place to place at all hours of the day, even during morning and evening rush hour. While traffic is a part of driving, it is also something that motorists should remain attentive during. While a driver might be compelled to check their emails, text others or even make a phone call as a means to pass the time, this action is a dangerous choice to make. Anytime a driver is not paying attention to the road or the primary task of driving, this increases the risk of causing a car accident.

While it is not clear whether distractions were to blame, a fatal multi-vehicle collision recently occurred in Camden County. According to reports, four vehicles were involved in a crash in Berlin. The impact of the crash sent two of the four vehicles into a nearby parking lot.

Understanding birth injuries and defects and their causes

Finding out that you are going to have a baby is an exciting time. And, as the baby's due date nears, parents are very anxious about meeting their little one. While this is a joyous time, certain events could disrupt and impact this momentous event. If medical errors occur during the birthing process, a newborn or even the mother could suffer serious injuries. A birth injury could impact a newborn temporarily or for the rest of his or her life, making a serious incident. Parents should be sure to understand their rights in this matter and what they can do to protect their rights and the rights of their baby.

Out of every 1,000 babies born in the U.S., six to eight are born with a birth injury. In other terms, this means that around one in every 9,714 people are born with some type or form of a birth injury. Additionally, it is found that roughly 28,000 infants are born with birth defects each year, which could be the result of medical negligence during a mother's pregnancy.

Medical device alarm systems can lead to fatal errors

Regardless of the medical issue that leads to a hospital stay, patients will probably have at least one device near the bed that sends alerts to the health-care providers who are monitoring them. While these electronic systems often have lifesaving functions, they could also compromise safety.

According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, the number of audible alerts that bombard clinicians constantly leads to a serious condition: alarm fatigue.

How common are medication errors during surgery?

For some New Jersey residents, surgery is a necessary step. Whether it is for a major medical issue or minor health problem, patients rely on the expertise of surgeons and medical professionals to get them through the procedure. While these professionals have extensive training and education, mistakes could unfortunately occur. And when it comes to medical errors occurring during a surgery, it is possible for these mistakes to be related to the medications given to the patient during the procedure.

How common are medication errors during surgery? Based on a current study conducted at one of the leading hospitals in the nation, Massachusetts General Hospital, it was discovered that medication errors occur in roughly half of all surgeries. Previously, when medication errors were estimated in the operating room, this was assessed by the self-reporting method. This means that doctors provided their own estimates. With this method, doctors reported that these incidents occurred in just one in every 133 operations.

Helping harmed patients pursue a medical malpractice action

At some point in time, every resident in New Jersey will require some form of medical care or treatment. This is usually not an issue because patients of all ages rely on the training and expertise to diagnose and treat them no matter the injury, ailment or disease. Unfortunately, doctors are also human and can make errors. While these errors could be purely accidental, others are a result of medical negligence.

When a patient is harmed by medical errors or medical negligence, this could significantly impact their health. Depending on the situation, a patient could suffer worsened conditions or even new medical conditions. At Robert A. Solomon, P.C., our experienced lawyers understand how a negligent nurse, doctor, surgeon, pharmacist or medical staff member could seriously harm the health and wellbeing of a patient. Thus, we are dedicated to helping residents throughout New Jersey and New York protect their rights in a medical malpractice action.

Electrocution blamed for girl's death in fatal boating accident

The warm weather and end of the school year means that many people will be out enjoying the New Jersey sunshine with their children. While the majority will return home safely after having a good time, it is an unfortunate reality that accidents can happen in a variety of ways. Many will involve injuries and fatalities. Even worse is when these incidents involve defenseless children. When there has been an accident due to negligence, those who were affected need to be aware of their rights and the steps to taking legal action.

An 11-year-old girl died after she was electrocuted while riding a raft with two of her friends. The incident occurred due to a corroded circuit box. The raft hit an unused electric boat lift. The owners of the boat lift believed it was dormant. CPR was performed and emergency personnel utilized an external defibrillator to try and revive her, but it did not work. The children were being supervised by adults when the accident happened. The current owners of the property where the circuit box was located do not have a boat and do not use the dock. Unbeknownst to everyone involved, the box was still active and led to the girl's death.

Tip line designed to reduce frequency of texting and driving

With the inherent risk involved with texting and driving and other distracted behaviors behind the wheel in New Jersey, law enforcement and the state government are seeking ways to reduce the frequency of the practice. One new method that is being implemented is for tip lines to be used by motorists or other witnesses who see a driver texting or operating the vehicle while distracted. Since beginning this program, more than 600 people were sent warning letters.

In April, the tip line plan, which had previously been in place for witnesses to report aggressive drivers, expanded to include any form of dangerous driving including distracted drivers. .When a call to the tip line is made, a dispatcher takes the information about the vehicle. When the dispatchers have enough information and if the driver was not able to be stopped by law enforcement, a letter is sent to warn the driver about the dangerous behavior and that there will be penalties if the police witness it.

Pedestrian accident with bus sends 8 to hospital in New Jersey

New Jersey residents likely realize the dangers when crossing the street or doing anything else as a pedestrian. Given the way certain drivers drive and the distracting behaviors many take part in, accidents can happen with a pedestrian and cause serious injuries and even death.

However, there are times when pedestrian accidents seemingly come without warning at a place where those who are not afforded the protection of a motor vehicle will still feel safe. When there is a pedestrian accident of any kind, it is important to understand what can result and to speak to an attorney about being compensated.

A quick guide to defective power tools and injuries

Power tools such as drills, saws and sanders are powerful pieces of equipment that can be dangerous if not handled properly. Manufacturers must design them properly. Otherwise, defects can lead to serious accidents. Power tools cause significant injuries when they are not made correctly. If you get injured by a defective power tool, you may be able to file a lawsuit. 

If you use power tools for personal or occupational purposes, you should be aware of potential defects, risk of injuries and what to do if an accident takes place. Below is a quick guide to all of this information. 

Teens are at significantly higher risk of a car accident

Both in New Jersey and elsewhere, it is commonly thought that new drivers will be at greater risk of a car accident than more experienced drivers. Studies have indicated that this concern is backed up by statistics.

Research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that new drivers between ages 16 and 17 are three times as likely to have a fatal auto accident as adults. This information comes out just as the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day hits; this time frame is also known as the "100 Deadliest Days" due to the frequency of fatal crashes that happen during that period. It is in this period that there is an increase in fatal crashes by 15 percent compared to other times in the year.

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