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Driver caught after fleeing scene in fatal pedestrian accident

Pedestrians in Newark and throughout New Jersey are vulnerable to injury and death if they are on the wrong end of a confrontation with a car. When a person is hit by a car, there can be severe injuries with lifelong consequences. Often, these accidents are fatal. The crash is bad enough, but it is worse when pedestrian accidents become a hit-and-run. The expenses and aftermath often require legal help to be compensated.

A 23-year-old man was killed after he was hit by a car that subsequently fled the scene. The accident occurred not long after midnight. Law enforcement was called to the scene and found the man had died. Law enforcement's investigation discovered that the man had been hit by a 2007 Ford Escape. It threw him into a parked car. He was declared dead at the site of the crash. An accident reconstruction was done by several different law enforcement agencies and it was found that the driver of the Ford hit several parked cars in another area of the state. He was found and arrested on charges of death by auto.

ADHD sufferers without medication at higher risk of car accidents

Those who are in a car collision in New Jersey will automatically want to know whether the other driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs and if there were any other behaviors that were taking place that could contribute to liability. One study that was recently released examined an unusual link between people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and car crashes. Statistically, the number of accidents for those who have ADHD is higher if they do not take medication to treat the condition.

Since ADHD inhibits a person's ability to maintain attention and have impulse control, the problems that accompany that, fidgeting and talking at a rapid rate among others, might also hinder safe driving. The study shows that males who have ADHD were 38 percent less likely to be in a car accident when they were taking medication. For women, it was 42 percent less likely. The lead author of the study said that approximately 22 percent of car collisions might have been avoided if those with ADHD had medication to treat it.

Car collision with 3 motorcycles injures 3 in New Jersey

Cars and motorcycles are expected to share the New Jersey roadways, adhere to the law and make certain that everyone remains safe. This is especially relevant given the vulnerability that motorcyclists face because of their lack of protection by not being inside a vehicle. Even if they are wearing helmets and other protective clothing, there can still be serious injury and death if there is a crash with a car. Those who are injured in motorcycle-car accidents must understand what they are facing and take steps to receive compensation for what they have lost.

Three motorcycles were hit by a car in a mid-morning crash. Three people including the driver of the car and two of the motorcyclists were sent to the hospital. Law enforcement responded to the scene. As they went about the accident investigation, they found that the driver and the motorcycles were going in opposite directions. The accident happened at an intersection. The motorcycles were traveling in a group with a total of seven individual riders. The investigation is ongoing and no summonses have been given yet.

Study shows rise in car accidents due to drugged drivers

When there is a car collision in New Jersey, there can be injuries and fatalities. Research is often conducted to determine how and why these crashes take place. This can be beneficial to law enforcement, government entities and for those who were affected by an accident and need to take the next step.

New research has discovered that the number of people who are killed in a car accident due to drugs has surpassed the number killed in a drunk driving accident. This new study was provided by the Governors Highway Safety Association with the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility. The drugs that were found in the systems of the drivers were both illegal and prescription drugs. These were involved in 43 percent of fatal accidents during 2015 when tests were given. There were 37 percent who had alcohol in their system.

Summertime dangers for walkers and joggers to be aware of

In the spring, people come out of “hibernation” as the days grow longer and sunnier. By summertime, seemingly everyone who could be outside is outside.

It would be nice if these walkers, joggers and bicyclists could co-exist just fine with drivers and motorcyclists, but that scenario is not realistic. In fact, if you are a walker or jogger this summer, watch out for a few dangers. (They do not all come from vehicles!)

Legal help is key with a New Jersey birth injury claim

Having a baby should be a joyous time for expectant parents. However, New Jersey residents need to be aware of the possibility of a birth injury causing long-term pain and an ongoing need for medical care for their newborn. While most births are safe and the baby is born healthy, there are instances when there is a problem. In some, it is due to a doctor error or a mistake on the part of the staff. Knowing the symptoms and signs when something is wrong with a baby and what to do about it is a key to getting the compensation the parents will need to care for the child and cover the costs of the mistake.

Cerebral palsy is an example of what can happen to a baby if there is an error either while the mother is pregnant or during the birth. On an annual basis, there are an estimated 10,000 babies who have cerebral palsy born in the U.S. This is a disorder that affects the movement and coordination and it stems from a brain abnormality. There is no way to reverse it. With cerebral palsy, the baby will need to be cared for by the family, a home will need to be adapted, and the chance at a normal life is limited. While it sometimes happens due to circumstances out of anyone's control, it can also be due to mistakes the medical staff made such as failing to address fetal distress, a lack of oxygen to the baby and other factors. This is just one example of a birth injury, but there are many others.

Study shows the continued prevalence of being a distracted driver

A greater focus is being placed on the dangers of being a distracted driver in New Jersey and across the U.S. While there has been a wealth of information and studies regarding the practice and why it is so dangerous, many people are unable to resist the temptation to check their smartphone even when they should be paying attention to the road and know how risky it is. Recent studies have indicated how prevalent the behavior is. A Zendrive study found that drivers used their phones an estimated 3.5 minutes for every hour. This is particularly troublesome because being distracted for two seconds raises the risk of an auto accident by 20 times.

In addition, this study used statistics from the National Safety Council that show a rise in the number of crashes in recent years. There had been a steady, four-decade reduction until the number of deaths went beyond 40,000 in 2016 for the first time in a decade. That was an increase of 6 percent from the previous year. The Zendrive study looked at 3.1 million drivers who went out on the road 570 million times and traveled 5.6 billion miles between December of 2016 and February of 2017.

Study finds misdiagnosis is shockingly common

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Receiving timely treatment is one of the most important factors in a New Jersey person's care when suffering from an illness, condition or injury. Visiting a doctor is supposed to alleviate whatever the problem is. There is an inherent and unassailable trust that a patient gives to a doctor. When that is betrayed, it can lead to significant problems that can be long-lasting. Research has found that the number of times in which a person is subjected to a misdiagnosis is far more common that was initially believed.

A new study found that most patients who have serious medical issues are first given a misdiagnosis. Conducted by the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, the researchers found that patients who sought a second opinion received a different diagnosis than they did the first time. In this study, 286 people who went to their primary doctor for 2009 and 2010 were assessed. One-fifth of the people were told they had a different medical condition than the one they were initially diagnosed with. 66 percent had a diagnosis that was changed marginally. And 12 percent were diagnosed accurately.

Fatal pedestrian accident kills prominent New Jersey doctor

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Pedestrians must keep a close watch on the road for cars when they are out walking. This is particularly true in today's world in which drivers have a seemingly endless number of ways in which they can be distracted. For those in New Jersey and across the U.S., pedestrian accidents are particularly dangerous given the vulnerable nature of those who are not protected by a vehicle. A pedestrian accident can lead to serious injuries and fatalities. When there is a crash involving a pedestrian, those who have been hurt or lost a loved one must make certain to explore all their options to being compensated through a lawsuit.

A 66-year-old physician was killed when she was hit by a car. That accident occurred at around 9:25 a.m. She was taken to the hospital and declared dead shortly after her arrival. The driver stayed at the scene and no charges have been filed in relation to this crash yet, but the investigation is ongoing. The woman was the medical director at the hospital where she worked and had trained as a surgeon. She specialized in treating breast disease. She was married and had 12 children. Many of the children had been adopted.

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